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Here's a little about me

I photograph and write mostly for my own sake, but if anyone out there like my art I want there to be a place where they can find it. I write cause it's a great way to get stuff out. It's also a way to put thoughts in print instead of just havin them run around in your head. It can be anything from a proverb to a poem and anything inbetween. A short story or a full novell. I write cause I have something that needs to get out. And I wanna share that with people who appreciate it.

In a way it 's the same with my photographs. I wanna share a moment, a thought or a feeling. Sometimes they come out in writing and sometimes in a photograph.

I do see myself as an artist, just that it comes out in more than one way.

I've alway done art in one way or another. Drawn houseplans, made jewelry of stone, drawn, sketched... Somehow there is always a pen in my hand in some way. And sometimes that pen is a camera, a keyboard on my cell or just a pen...

If you found my page I really hope you will like my art.

Sincerely Bodil

If you wish to get in touch with me please send an email

Muddy Waters guardians


Kneeling down by the waters edge, seeing your face next to mine faded by the shadows holding you tight

I would die just to feel you hold me one more time, just to feel safe and loved like no other

Clouds drift over the surface of your face muddling the water

The wind grabs hold of the mirror image and blurs your features

I slowly rise to stands dissy by the leap over the distance and worlds

My mind tries to grasp the deep longing of days passed, smiles and laughter hanging in the air

I know I have to keep walking along the path of single steps

until we meet again in Muddy Waters

My only company is the silver godess shadowing my every step and guarding my future

Dark shadows close up by my side to keep me safe,

gently touching my hand to assure my mind

My thoughts wanders to other paths, where we used to walk under green veils of leaf

Natures creature comes out one by one following in my step for a while

just to greet me and let me know they're there

We are all creatures of Muddy Waters and sense each other on a higher level

We live in between that time of pitch black darkness and where clouds caress the world and rays of gold kiss the edges


We are the Muddy Waters silent souls of silver guardians

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